24 Hour Emergency Service

Trauma/Biohazard Cleanup

trauma cleanupWhen an accident or tragedy occurs inside your home that results in contamination of biohazards materials, we know that the last thing on your mind is cleaning and removing the contamination and ensuring your home is safe and clean, without a trace of whatever happened there. You have enough on your mind after something like this happens, and that is why Spectrum Restoration provides trauma/biohazard cleanup services in our area.

Blood and other biohazardous substances can be dangerous if proper protective equipment is not used during cleanup, and hiring a professional ensures that you are not putting yourself or anyone you love at risk. Our team of experienced technicians will remove any biohazardous material in a room, neutralize the toxins and ensure it is safe for you and your family.

Our services are confidential, and our technicians will be discrete when they visit your home. We know that you are already dealing with enough already, and it is our goal to help ease some of the burden that comes with cleaning and returning your property to normal.


Dangerous Chemical Cleanup

Our team is also qualified to perform meth lab cleanup and tear gas cleanup. We will ensure the entire property is safe and non-hazardous, and that any chemical residues have been removed. We also remove fingerprint powder, evidence-gathering chemicals, and pepper spray residues.

Sewage Cleanup and Animal and Human Waste Cleanup

If your property is affected by sewage or animal or human waste, Spectrum Cleaning & Restoration can help remove the mess, the odor, and restore your property back to normal. Whenever sewage and other waste is involved, additional protection is necessary to prevent the spread of potentially dangerous bacteria, pathogens, and other harmful contaminants that may be in the waste. It is not a job we recommend you do yourself – a professional will have the right equipment and protection to clean up the mess quickly and effectively, making the area safe again and eliminating potential contamination.