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Mold Removal

mold removalYour family’s health is very important, Mold in your home can hurt everyone. We offer professional remediation and restoration services. Evaluations and Testing starting at $150.

Whether you think you might have a mold problem or if you can see visible patches of mold growth in your home, mold is a problem that should never be ignored. Mold growth, while a problem on it’s own, is often indicative of another problem such as poor ventilation, a leaking pipe, or a leaking roof. The source of the moisture must be addressed before any mold problem can be removed for good.

Mold spores are everywhere and occur naturally. Mold only needs a moderate temperature, organic material to feed on, and a moisture source to grow. Mold growth in your home is not a sign of poor housekeeping. Newer homes are also not immune to mold problems, as these efficient homes can trap moisture that can lead to mold growth.

And while some types of mold like black mold can be more dangerous than others, all mold growing inside your home is bad. Mold can cause those with allergies to suffer, and it can lead to other health problems as well. And once it’s growing inside your home, mold can easily travel from one food source to the next, which is why it is so important to address mold problems before it gets out of hand.

Peace of Mind

At Spectrum Cleaning & Restoration, our mold removal technicians are professionally trained to remove mold safely, and will identify the source of the mold to ensure it does not come back. You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with hiring a professional that you do not need to expose yourself or your family to mold spores. During cleanup we will seal off the area where the mold is located to prevent it from traveling through the air, and will take extra precautions to ensure it doesn’t spread.

Mold after Water Damage

Mold is a common concern after your home suffers water damage. Your home is at a greater risk of developing a mold problem if water damage was not cleaned up properly or quickly enough. Mold growth can begin as soon as 48 hours after water damage occurs, and quick response and a thorough cleanup are necessary to prevent mold growth.

If your home has visible mold or if you suspect a mold problem, contact Spectrum Cleaning & Restoration. We will identify the source and the extent of the problem, and can provide you with an estimate for our mold removal services.


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