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Protect Your Kansas City Home from Water Damage

Create a home maintenance schedule and stick to it!

A great way to protect your Kansas City home from water damage is to come up with a home maintenance schedule. Checking for leaks, clogs and other potential water damage source on a regular basis can save you time, money and a stressful headache in the long run.

How to Plan a Home Maintenance Schedule

water in crawlspaceWhen planning your Kansas City home maintenance schedule to prevent water damage you want to check the following sources on a regular basis.

  • During the summer check your air-conditioning unit for rust, cracks or any other defect.
  • Check your hot water heaters and water softeners for rust, cracks, leaks and deterioration.
  • Make sure your gutters are free of debris.
  • Check your kitchen appliances for any damage to hoses or connectors.
  • During the winter practice safe methods to prevent frozen pipes. (Learn more about frozen pipe prevention in an upcoming blog article)
  • Check for any deterioration or damage near outdoor water outlets.
  • Inspect your shower, bathtub, toilet and sinks for any damages or clogs.
  • Inspect your roof for any leaks or deterioration.
  • Ensure that your sump pumps are in good working condition.
  • Check your basement and attic for excess moisture and make sure you have proper ventilation.
  • Examine all of your windowsills and doorways to make sure they are properly sealed.

Staying on task and performing a home maintenance check on a regular basis can prevent major water damage from invading your home.

If you run into any water damage issues while performing a maintenance check on your Kansas City home contact the professional water damage cleanup crew at Spectrum Cleaning & Restoration! We work around the clock to take care of all of your water damage cleanup needs in Kansas City, Missouri.