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Does your Kansas City Bathroom Have Water Damage?

Is there water damage in your bathroom that is going unnoticed? Believe it or not bathrooms have the highest usage of water in most Kansas City homes.  Not all water damage causes are readily noticeable. That is why it is imperative that you check your bathrooms for any leaks or clogs. How to check for water damage in Kansas City bathrooms.

Signs Your Bathroom Has Water Damage

BubblePaint5Mold or Mildew. If your bathroom has a persistent damp feeling and musty odor, there is most likely water damage.

Peeling Paint. If there is excessive moisture in your walls you will start to notice the paint peeling or paint bubbles forming.

Musty Smells. Moisture buildup in your floors or walls can also cause a musty smell along with a damp feeling.

Flooring Gaps. If your tile or grout has become damaged water may have seeped into the cracks causing damage to the flooring below. This is also the same for any cracked or damage seals and caulk.

Sinks and Vanities.  If your sink or vanity has been improperly installed there may be water damage underneath the vanity. When installing a new sink, vanity or faucet double check for any water leaks or faulty seals.

Spongy Floors. After taking a shower or bath check your flooring as you walk. If water starts to seep up through the cracks or along the edges you may have water damaged sub-flooring.

Spectrum Can Help!

When water leaks go unnoticed in your Kansas City bathroom the damage can be devastating. The professionals at Spectrum Cleaning & Restoration understand how precious your home is to you and your family. That is why we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is imperative that you call a water damage cleanup professional in Kansas City as soon as you discover any water damage.  The faster you act the higher the chances of full property recovery are.

Put your trust in the professionals at Spectrum Cleaning & Restoration. Our certified technicians have the right training and experience to perform water damage cleanup in Kansas City quickly and efficiently. Contact Spectrum Cleaning & Restoration today!