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Scheduled Inspections Will Save You More Money

One important part of a property owner’s job is performing rental property inspections. Regularly assessing and tracking the condition of your rental property is critical for long-term success. When properly done, scheduled rental property inspections can help save you money and help build a strong landlord-tenant relationship. What items should owners keep in mind when […]

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How to Find a Reliable Water Damage Company

If your Kansas City home is affected by water damage, you only have a few short moments to decide which water damage cleanup company to choose. Water damage needs to be cleaned up quickly, and the sooner you act the lesser the damages. With plenty of options available, how do you find the right water […]

Does your Kansas City Bathroom Have Water Damage?

Is there water damage in your bathroom that is going unnoticed? Believe it or not bathrooms have the highest usage of water in most Kansas City homes.  Not all water damage causes are readily noticeable. That is why it is imperative that you check your bathrooms for any leaks or clogs. How to check for […]

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When to Hire a Water Damage Cleanup Professional

Homeowners in Kansas City may consider doing water damage cleanup themselves after their home has been affected by a flood, broken pipe, or other cause of water damage, but this approach can prove to be costly. Many who attempt water damage cleanup on their own to avoid paying an insurance deductible or filing a claim, or […]

Protect Your Kansas City Home from Water Damage

Create a home maintenance schedule and stick to it! A great way to protect your Kansas City home from water damage is to come up with a home maintenance schedule. Checking for leaks, clogs and other potential water damage source on a regular basis can save you time, money and a stressful headache in the […]

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Cut Your Risks With Mold in Kansas City

Mold can be found everywhere, outside in your neighborhood, in your bathroom shower, or in the darkest part of your basement. Mold grows in a variety of colors and loves damp, warm, humid places and can grow year round. If your exposed to mold you could develop a variety of breathing issues that range from […]